Leading Cloud Platform For The Solar Industry
Computational Firepower for Solar Projects
Software platform for developers, owners, and contractors, of solar energy projects
Learn how our platform has reduced the cost of energy for 25+ GW of solar projects:
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Data driven decisions to transform development and system design
Proprietary software to help you achieve the lowest levelized cost of solar:
  • Increase Velocity of your Development Team = More Projects Assessed
  • Increase Staff Productivity = Lower Feasibilty and Engineering Costs
  • Increase Project Returns = Stronger Portfolio Competitive Advantage
Discover the power of our platform
Our platform combines the decision making power of a whole office by integrating system design, engineering, finance, and estimation.
See what HST technology can do

multidimensional optimization

Enhanced financial returns


equipment agnostic

unique customization


Deliver optimal solutions for large-scale solar

From small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, our platform helps you minimize your electricity bill

Government and nonprofits

From water agencies to governments, our platform helps you evaluate the true cost of solar

Utility scale

The platform leverages portfolio and project-level optimization to create the highest portfolio returns

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